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Welcome to Rio Grande Trading Co., dealers in antiques of the American West.

Located deep in the heart of Texas in San Antonio, Rio Grande Trading Co. specializes in spurs forged in the Texas style crafted during the golden era from 1900 to 1940.

We also offer our customers a wide range of rare, quality, investment grade merchandise including bits, saddles, boots, chaps and antique firearms.

Whether you are decorating your ranch house or building a collection, our unique items will be ones you will treasure for years.

Treasure Hunters
Bruce on Treasure Hunters
Rio Grande Trading Co.'s Bruce Barlett made a featured appearance on Treasure Hunters.

Click here to watch clip.

Maximilian I
Maximilian I
Rio Grande Trading Co. represents client in the purchase of Maximilian I's saddle at auction for a record setting price of $200,000.

Click here to watch the bidding.

Cowboys & Indians Magazine
Cowboys & Indians Interview
In April, 2008 Bruce Bartlett was interviewed by Cowboys & Indians Magazine. Here is a preview of the article

C&I: What impacts the value of antique American cowboy spurs?

Bartlett: There are three main factors that influence value: 1) The Maker, 2) The Pattern, and 3) The Condition. The Maker: Like the artist of a painting, the maker of a pair of spurs is key. There are more than 100 important early makers of antique American cowboy spurs. Some of these early masters like J.O. Bass of Tulia, Texas, made fewer than 2,500 total pairs of spurs. Today, when available, these spurs average $9,000 a pair.

Click here to read the article Antique American Cowboy Spurs.

Spurs of James J. Wheat, Pioneer Collector
The Spurs of James J. Wheat, Pioneer Collector
Bruce Bartlett authored the book, The Spurs of James J. Wheat, Pioneer Collector.

This 89 page hard cover book documents the best of the Wheat Collection, an acquisition of the National Ranching
Heritage Center in Lubbock, Texas.