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Buy with confidence. All of our items are guaranteed to be as represented. We value our reputation and want to assure you have a pleasant experience with us. After all, we hope you come back soon.

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We are a strong buyer for antique firearms (pre1899), cowboy saddles, chaps, bits, Texas marked items and spurs with emphasis on the following makers:

  • Sam Allen Spurs
  • Amozoc Spurs
  • JO Bass Spurs
  • Adolph Bayers Spurs
  • Joe Bianchi Spurs
  • GA Bischoff Spurs
  • EF Blanchard Spurs
  • Edward Bohlin Spurs
  • Clayton Boone Spurs
  • Bob Boone Spurs
  • Dee Boone Spurs
  • Pate Boone Spurs
  • Wallie Boone Spurs
  • Frank Bradney Spurs
  • Louis Bryant Spurs
  • Browning & Murchinson Spurs
  • August Buermann Spurs
  • RL Causey Spurs
  • Chihuahua Spurs
  • Oscar Crockett Spurs
  • JJ Estrada Spurs
  • Powder River Spurs
  • Canon City Prison Spurs
  • John Cox 4307 Prison Spurs
  • Robert Baldwin 9647 Prison Spurs
  • Nels and Tom Qualey Spurs
  • Alfred J. Schell Spurs
  • Rex Schnitger Spurs
  • Tom Johnson Jr. Spurs
  • PM Kelly Spurs
  • Kelly Bros. Spurs
  • KB&P Spurs
  • K&C Spurs
  • Keyston Bros. Spurs
  • Ed Klapmeier Spurs
  • Atanasio Larios Spurs
  • JR McChesney Spurs
  • Lucio Manriques Spurs
  • H Messing and Son Spurs
  • Jesus Morales Spurs
  • Joseph Nance Spurs
  • JF Echavarria Spurs
  • John Estrada Spurs
  • Edwin Field Spurs
  • Jose Figueroa Spurs
  • Carlos Figueroa Spurs
  • GS Garcia Spurs
  • Garcia Salinas Saddlery Spurs
  • Les Garcia Spurs
  • Gus Goldberg Spurs
  • Goldberg-Staunton Spurs
  • LG Grubb Spurs
  • Henry Hagelstein Spurs
  • Hamley and Company Spurs
  • Frank Harvey Spurs
  • Tom Hildreth Spurs
  • Jess Hodge Spurs
  • OR Huff Spurs
  • Eddy Hulbert Spurs
  • Abbie Hunt Spurs
  • CP Shipley Spurs
  • Earlon Shirley Spurs
  • Red Skelton Spurs
  • Spanish Colonial Spurs
  • MB Staunton Company Spurs
  • Isaac Stephenson Spurs
  • LD Stone Spurs
  • Olsen Nolte Saddle Shop Spurs
  • Frank Olzer Spurs
  • Joseph Carl Petmecky Spurs
  • Kurt Pfeiffer Spurs
  • Phillips and Gutierrez Spurs
  • FM Stern Spurs
  • Harold Strong Spurs
  • Jose and Jesus Tapia Spurs
  • Visalia Spurs
  • Willy Weast Spurs
  • Henry C Zimmer Spurs
  • Clay Shearer Spurs
  • Mike Morales Spurs
  • JB Mull Spurs

We have successfully brokered some very large and valuable collections and would gladly discuss the details and provide references upon request.